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About Us

Pacific Diving Industries Inc. is a commercial diving company
serving the Hawaiian Islands as well as the entire Pacific Basin.

Pacific Diving Industries has the distinction of being the oldest commercial diving company in Hawaii, having been founded and operating since 1975.

PDI’s expertise lies in the areas of ship husbandry, underwater inspection, and repair work. Our dive crews routinely conduct hull and propeller cleaning, cofferdam installations, shaft wraps and various underwater repairs that include removing fouling, cutting, and welding, securing sea chest screens and anode replacement.

We provide these services for clients such as Matson Navigation, Pasha Group, Sause Brothers, Young Brothers, Subsea Global Solutions, the United States Navy, Coast Guard and USNS vessels. 

We also provide service to renowned research vessels Falkor, Nautilus, and the University of Hawaii Marine Center. The Company also provides services to the cruise ship industry here in Hawaii.

In addition, PDI assists with dry docking, provides recovery services and diving support during facility inspections and maintenance procedures. As such, PDI has worked with the Hawaiian Electric Company at their Oahu Power Plants, with Pacific Shipyards during dry docking procedures, the Navy on Kauai, and Global and MSC in Honolulu, Guam, and Saipan.

The Company is well experienced and skilled in conducting underwater inspections for vessel
condition/maintenance purposes, pre-drydocking surveys, and investigative purposes, such as damage appraisal, pre-purchase diligence, and UWILD surveys. It has the comprehensive photo and video equipment to provide both self-contained and real-life video-graphic records of inspections with written reports. Reports can be submitted electronically and in hard copy at client convenience.

Our Mission

Pacific Diving Industries, Inc. endeavors to foster a unique work environment for its employees that stimulates professional pride and passion in their craft and industry, as well as invests them in the Company’s achievements. This commitment to our collective profession results in our clients and partners receiving safe and effective solutions while setting the standard in the marine services industry.

We are committed to:

  • Sincerity, honesty and professionalism in dealing with employees, clients, and partners
  • Safety in the workplace through competency, management, corporate culture and philosophy of teamwork
  • Individual professional pride and passion for our craft, our Company, and our industry
  • Providing the absolute “best service” to our customer base

PDI is accredited by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The majority of PDI’s clients use ABS for their inspection services. Currently, there has been little demand for class societies such as Lloyds Register, DNV or NKK accreditation. All are renewable if the situation changes.

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