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About Us Equipment & Facilities

PDI’s Honolulu facility is in Mapunapuna, conveniently located to Honolulu and Pearl Harbors and a short drive from both the airport for travel to outer islands and the west shore harbor
facilities at Barber’s Point.

In Mapunapuna, PDI has a spacious shop that houses the diving equipment (scuba and surface supplied), an air compressor for on-site tank filling, portable air compressors, hull cleaning equipment, welding and cutting equipment, a stock of anodes, cofferdams, rigging, lift bags and dive related items. There is a separate office on-site for administration.

PDI uses pneumatic (air-driven) hull cleaning machines that can be fitted with a variety of
brushes depending on the intensity and density of bio-fouling present and the type of hull
coating. These machines are efficient and eliminate the risk of oil pollution to the water.

The Company’s main transportation vehicle serves as a “drive and dive” set up containing the surface air supply equipment and a station that houses video graphic and through water communication equipment. This increases operational efficiency and facilitates a real-time viewing and recording area for our clients.

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